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Real Talk September 2, 2011

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Oh boy the story of my life relationships! I’m telling you if I could put my ideas and thoughts together I could have a manuscript for a promising book. I look at my own relationships that I have been in and look at others around me. A lot of us go thru the same predicaments.

For example being with someone who can’t seem to cut the cord from their current partner. They talk about that person like a dog, and they never spend time with them but they stay because it’s convienent  for them or they have become comfortable in that relationship. They use the kids as an excuse to stay in a relationship they are unhappy in always saying “if I leave my kids will be devastated”. Kids also don’t need to see their mother constantly bickering with their father. Definitely no woman should stay if there partner is abusing them emotionally or physically.  

When you feel like you need to start seeking fulfillment outside of the relationship then it’s time for you to start either going to counseling to try to reconcile or get yourself together & move out before you involve a 3rd party into your life. Before you end up on an episode of Snapped

I get so sick of hearing a dude say well “we not together, I’m living there because I really don’t have no place else to go”. Let me just say that is some bullshit. I personally have heard that line more than enough times and stupid enough to fall for it.  Or the famous line “it’s really not what it seems”, I mean so what is it then???? Huh! I mean really! Lets get some new game here. If you not happy in your relationship or it is unhealthy then you need cut that cord. In the long run it’s not good for you or your children. If you aren’t seeking a partner outside of the relationship more than likely you are using another outlet like drugs, alcohol or 800 #’s. All which can become a very expensive addiction and can affect your health. Seek counseling if you love the person and want to continue the relationship. Just because you go to counseling it doesn’t mean you are crazy! Means that you have to talk with someone and need some advice on how to cope or make things better. If you know things aren’t repairable, then chunk up the deuces and bounce!

I’m in no way perfect or am I trying to preach to anyone but I’m just sharing life experiences and what I have learned. I myself am still a work in progress. So my word is not gold! Everybody have blessed Friday!


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