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9/11: A Day To Remember September 9, 2011

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Sunday will be 10 year anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. That day was like the shot heard round the world. In an instant lives were forever changed. There was no one worring about color, status or anything. People came together to help one another as a country.

My heart goes out to those families that lost some one in this tragedy. To the firefighters and the workers and volunteers that worked countless hours trying to help find people and save people on that day. We all have been affected by this tragedy one way or another.

Do you even remember what you were doing when you heard the news? For myself I just started my job 2 or 3 weeks prior and some people were crying and they called us into the conference room and told us that we could look at the footage on the TV thru out the day. I know my first thought was I prayed that none of my NY family or friends were in the city at that time. I honestly for a second thought America was going to be take over by the Muslims. You just never prepare for something like this. You see it in movies and on TV but you never think in a billion years that something like this will happen. Seeing the footage on TV today still gives me chills because you never know when something like this could possibly happen again.


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