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my thoughts October 12, 2011

Filed under: Shows — mshollandsthoughts @ 1:25 pm

I haven’t really had much to post. I been busy with focusing on my school work and making sure I’m doing that and keeping up. So far so good with that. I got a B in my first class and I got a 100% on a paper that wrote about “How Has Technology Affected Families”.

Plus I am trying to keep up with shows. I’ve been enjoying HBO GO on my phone so that I watch past episodes of series that I have got into. I’ve feel in love with True Blood. Thought it was a little racy at first but it very addicting!

Not much really been going on in my world, just chilling! Trying keep my blood pressure down since I’m back on the meds. So i’ve put down the occasional cigarette and working on a meal plan that’s going to work for me and my daughter. Trying to also get back into reading the series Dutch that I took from my cousin’s library!

Thats it for me. I just wanted to show face since I haven’t been on here in a minute an posted anything! God bless and everybody enjoy this raining Wednesday!


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