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Bucket List November 2, 2011

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One day when I was working out at the gym in the theater room they were showing the movie Bucket List. At first glance I was like they had to be playing some old wack movie while I am working out. Turns out that the movie was actually decent. It stars Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Before this movie I’d never heard of a bucket list but basically it’s like a to do list before you die or to some people whatever time frame. Sitting here today I was thinking about somethings that I want to accomplish with in the next 12months starting today. What better name to call it but a Bucket List. I don’t have alot to put on it but it’s just a few major things I want to focus on.

  • 2012 Toyota Camry
  • Cruise
  • obtain a passport
  • Salary Increase/career change
  • take family photos
  • dean’s list
  • dog or 2
  • lose a few inches

So now it’s time to just focus and get those things accomplished. Stop talking about it and do it. By this time next year I want to have all of those things checked off. To say I’m either in the process of accomplishing it or it’s completed! Wish me luck!





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