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My Life 2 Review November 22, 2011

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Mary has done it again! I knew I had to get this album after hearing Mr. Wrong I’m sure every woman is out there saying the same thing I said, she made this song for me. I hate that it’s a radio single so it’s going to be played to death but it’s my favorite off the album because I truly can relate to the song. “Bad boys ain’t no good, good boys ain’t no fun, lord knows that I should run off with the right one” Other  favorites of mine are  25/8, Why ft. Rick Ross, and Love A Woman ft Beyonce. I was really surprised that she’d have a song with Beyonce because Mary has a different type of musical ability than Beyonce. Their voice are so different but I must say that has to got to be my 2nd favorite on the album. The second time I listen to it I notice the beat sounded familiar and even my daughter was like this beat sounds like an older song. Sure enough the beat is a sample of Keith Sweats Merry Go Round. I love this cd and if you are a big Mary fan you have to go get this! I need make a copy and put on my cell phone. It’s in stores now for $9.99 and $11.99 for the deluxe edition which features Bonus songs. You can digitally download it at Itunes. Listen to it and let me know your thoughts and what your favorites are!



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