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9 Days til Christmas December 16, 2011

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In 2011 consumers are starting their Christmas shopping earlier than ever, as Black Friday websites already launched their offers

Are you ready for Christmas? Well if not we only have 9 more days left. I know for myself I will be hitting up this stores this weekend and finishing up the people on my Christmas list. This year I’m on a tight budget, so everybody and there mother isn’t getting a gift. Even moms isn’t getting the $300 gift she got last year. Gifts will be more from the heart than the pockets. So are you finish your Christmas shopping?


One Response to “9 Days til Christmas”

  1. sassncurlz Says:

    Why am I still not really ready for Christmas!?! Crazy I suppose by Sunday I will be…lol. Just wanted you to know that I am happy to see that you are blogging right along therefore I nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger award. Someone nominated mine and I wanted to pass it along to you. Check out my post for the deets. Congrats!

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