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Happy New Year January 3, 2012

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Happy New Year to all my readers, friends and family. I hope that everyone enjoyed celebrating the coming of a new year. I hear a lot of people saying that they will not be making resolutions this year just because they always fall thru.  I have to say I kind of feel the same although I feel myself falling into the same ways of trying to figure out what to do better. There is nothing wrong wanting to better yourself. I have been struggling with weight for the past few years and hopefully this year I will get it right.

You have to acknowledge that a new year will bring on new goals and new trials. Question is how will you attack those things? Will you prepare for them ahead of time or will you go about things as you always have? You don’t have to make a New Years resolution to do better, because it’s something that you should strive to accomplish everyday you are living. Whether it be big or small! Try being a little more helpful this year, or set goals for yourself; nobody is perfect and I know we all have ways we can better ourselves or help make someone elses life better. Me personally I will attack the things on my Bucket List and I could write a book on things that I can do. Nothing changes over night so I will take each thing one day at a time. What will be some things you will try to accomplish this year? It could be something really simple.

“If you knew better you’d do better”


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