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Congratulations Big Blue February 6, 2012

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For all of those thats living under a rock or just not into the game. Giants took the Super Bowl 21-17! Big Blue is back on top. Now personally I don’t watch football but this game was one for the books. I watched the game and I was on pins and needles. Definitely a good game. Loved how the Giants came back and took it over! Eli Manning aint nothing to f@#% with as the Wu-Tang Clan would have said it!

I have to say the biggest play and my favorite of the night was when Giants WR Mario Manningham kept his feet in bounds and during this catch that set up the game-winning TD.

Poor Tom Brady looked like done lost his job at the end of this game. Sorry Brady every body can’t win them all. NY got it this year. Maybe next time.

More highlights from the game! Again Congrats to the NEW YORK GIANTS!!!!

Photos courtesy of Fox Sports


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